"During my dog’s first appointment with Dr. Gjvoje I quickly realized that I discovered a special place. Dr. Gjivoje and Dr. Baxter are an amazing team! With each appointment, I continue to appreciate how they go above and beyond, and then one step more! They listen to their clients (both dog and owner), are great diagnosticians, and go the extra mile to make my dog feel comfortable. They are a pleasure to work with. Additionally, given their knowledgeable, approachable, and caring staff, I enjoy going to them. I feel incredibly fortunate to experience this concierge-like level of care, so I whole-heartedly give them the highest of recommendations."
- Savannah Smith
"I love this place! My dog loves the staff and doctors! He especially loves the liver treats. We have been patients of Dr. G and Dr. Baxter since 2001 when we adopted our dog, Skip. Over the years, they have treated him for routine medical care and everyday doggy issues. The last 2 years, they and their staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty in treating Skip's debilitating illnesses. Through an ingestion poisoning incident and cancer, my family and I watched them work in emergency medical situations, in the possible end of life situations, and in the long process of recovery with our dog. They have shown Skip love and given him opportunities at a good quality of life even when we thought his life was over. They never quit on our Skip. They gave us hope during some dark days, and we are forever grateful to them. They gave generously of themselves and their time to keep our dog alive. He has received some amazing treatment there. I am so glad we chose these Vets so many years ago. You will get great doctors and staff who will walk with you and your pet through healthy days and unhealthy days. Skip's miraculous new life is a testament to the great practice they have."
- M. Harvey
"Hands down the best Vets in this area. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. B and Dr. G are exceptional Vets. They take great care to explain to you what is going on with your pet and the different treatment options available to you. They follow up after every visit to make sure your pet is doing well. We have lived in 5 different states and this is by far the best Animal Hospital we have ever encountered."
- Rich Mazzio
"The absolute best veterinary care services across the United States. My faithful companion has received exceptional care from Dr, G, Dr. B and the entire staff as he continues to present challenging health scenarios in his senior years. They have gone above and beyond to answer all of my detailed questions, provide thorough and successful treatment plans, while lovingly and compassionately maintaining an amazing quality of life for my dog. Service, medical care, communication/follow up and kindness all 5 stars. My dog and I look forward to our visits!"
- S. Griffin
"As a medical doctor, I know the value of a well-informed generalist over a specialist. Drs Baxter and Gjivoje have experience with recognizing the wide spectrum of presenting symptoms of canine illnesses. This gives me comfort that the typical illness can be recognized and treated, and the atypical will be referred as appropriate. The small intimate office environment is highly preferable to the large hectic multi-specialty clinic — both for my sanity and the calming effect it has on my pet. Appointments can be made quickly rather than the many days it can take at large clinics. The nursing and office staff have always been friendly and definitely help my dogs feel calm in the small office setting. Plus, I feel confident that my pet is getting appropriate care."
- R. Kennedy
"We had over 10 years of experience bringing our cats to these Veterinarians. Drs. B and G and staff cared for several of our pets from cradle to end of life transition and I can sincerely tell you that this is the finest Veterinary clinic we have had the benefit of working with. Our cats received neutering, preventive care, diabetic therapy, tumor surgery, asthma diagnosis and treatment and dental cleaning. The doctors are active in attending conferences to develop leading edge techniques and therapies which benefitted our beloved pets. The doctors are knowledgeable diagnosticians and clinicians, but are always open to discussing different therapies that we wanted to open the door to. Their attitude to pet owners is only superseded by their abilities as physicians. If you want the best care for your pet and want to be treated with respect as the pet owner, please take your loved ones to Drs B and G."
- Mel Soloman
"Excellent medical care and top notch customer service make this the perfect place for our family pets. Drs. Baxter and Gjivoje and their staff have provided high quality healthcare across the lifespan of our pets for the past 16 years. It gives me peace of mind knowing our pets are in such caring hands. Even they like going to the doctor!"
- L. Alexy
"I am a first time pet owner and "inherited" a 3 year old cat from my adult son. Having no prior experience to draw from, I am nervous about health and feeding, and various behavioral habits of the newest member of my family. We have had two check-up appointments so far, and at both, Dr. G and the staff have been wonderful - patient, gentle, kind and reassuring. They take an incredible amount of time with me and my pet. Fortunately these have been "wellness" visits, but I have no doubt that if my pet does need medical attention, he will be in excellent hands. Based on my experience to date with Dr. G and the staff, I highly recommend this facility."
- Mary Lou
"If you are looking for a caring, loving environment to take your pet, look no further! We have been taking our cats to Drs Baxter and Gjvoje for nearly 20 years and wouldn't consider going elsewhere. Over the years they have researched a strange skin disorder on one of cat's paws, going as far as calling experts from all over the country to consult. In no time Riley had clear paws and was back in action. They have nursed and nurtured us through asthma, heart conditions and just everyday life. They have held our hands during the last moments of beloved pets lives, they call to check in to make sure everyone is doing well. The staff is equally as amazing and caring as the Drs. G and B. We are always greeted like old friends, whether in person or on the phone. Concerns are never too small, respected and replies to questions are quick. I completely trust the welfare of my pets to them and you should too."
- T.S. McEntee
"Pets are part of our families, and they get this. It may sound simple, but this is why they are so good at what they do. Dr. V and Dr. Jim always take the time to carefully explain everything so that collectively, we can decide what's best for our dog. Their sincere and well-informed approach has our senior dog feeling and looking better than ever! Seriously, a great place to take your pet, peace of mind for sure. Thanks!"
- David Gisell
"This clinic is by far top tier in animal care; not only just for technical and physiological knowledge, in which they excel, but for the high quality and compassionate care they deliver to pets. They realize pets are tightly bound to the family and give a lot of time to explain what underlies the medical conditions and they thoroughly outline treatment plans. Drs. B. and G., the entire staff and the new vet, Dr. O., show a level of competence and care delivery that exceeds expectations. In our opinion, there is no greater value for the costs spent on giving our dog what we consider as the best care out there. Price/cost is not an issue. Our hats off to you all and our little Yorkie has lived a long life so far in huge part because of your care."
- Anne Marra
"Husband and Wife team that have the compassion and knowledge to care for our "best friend" for over 14 years. Their practice is like none others we have used. The staff is equally caring and we highly recommend this practice."
- Jeff B
"Where do I begin to describe how fortunate we were to have Dr. Baxter and Dr. G. in our lives. They treated our 2 high maintenance Springers like they were their own. Their expertise was only exceeded by their devotion to caring for our extended family. I could not give a higher recommendation for a family Veterinarian practice."
- John Gman
Hampton Park Veterinarians Holding Corgi, Charleston Veterinarian, South Carolina.
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