Pet of the Month

Sully Richter-Rinker

It was a blustery day in March 2020 when an AA jet touched down at Charleston International and a Texas gen stepped through it’s doorway carrying a small satchel. Inside was our eight week old, 20lb Sheepadoodle puppy who was to become Sully and who had arrived only hours before the airport was shut down for the pandemic.

The animals who grew up during those months of isolation are sometimes called Covid Babies and they are special in part due to the generous amount of love and attention focused on them at a time when a good companion was so very welcome.

This is some of what makes Sully such a loved member of our family wo will always be welcome:

He’s an eloquent 4-legged communicator. On command, he can say “hello” (raise left paw) say “good-bye” (raise right paw) “turn” (chase tail circular motion) and of course “sit” and “down”. He will do whatever it takes to get a treat sometimes performing this entire routine of commands non-stop until one of them delivers the desired morsel. “Chair” is his command to jump in place at the dining room table or in outdoor restaurants where he has superb manners, stays seated in his chair, and eats delicately and only from his own plate.

He makes up games and plays tricks to keep our attention by swiping towels from the kitchen counter and flaunting them in front of us until we either chase him through the house or give him a “treat” when he “drops” it. He’s a beautifully coordinated canine athlete who can block kick balls, furiously chase down and beat a speed ball to the far end of the yard, and when the ball’s in the air, reach up with his front legs and funnel the ball to his mouth. Needless to say, the end of the yard has no grass and is a dust bowl during the dry summer months.

But above all, he’s so good to hug and gives us “kisses” when we come home from a day out in the world; and he’s very gently with his feline sister, Michi Moo, who makes it clear to him that she is in charge.

Sully is celebrating his third birthday and here’s a toast to our boy:

“We’re looking forward to celebrating many, many more with your!”