Pet Dermatology: What You Need to Know

A small dog is lying on a green blanket, Hampton Park Veterinary, Pet Dermatology, Charleston, SC54% of American households have a pet dog. Pets make great furry friends, but having a pet is not just for the company. You must look after them and watch out for illnesses.

If your pet becomes sick with a virus or is lethargic, it’s a good idea to visit a veterinarian in Charleston, SC. Besides viral infections, learning about pet dermatology is essential for keeping your pet healthy.

You can visit a pet dermatologist when you go for a pet check-up, but is it worth it? What exactly is pet dermatology?

Let’s look at pet dermatology as preventive veterinary care for your pet…

What Is Pet Dermatology?

The average veterinary surgery will offer veterinary services like pet dental care, emergency pet care, and geriatric pet care but pet dermatology is equally important to your pet’s overall health.

A pet dermatologist is trained to identify and treat certain health conditions in the ears, mouth, skin, hair, and nails. Therefore, you can visit a pet dermatologist for the following health problems:

  • Allergy-related skin diseases
  • Infections and skin diseases
  • Chronic ear disorders
  • Autoimmune skin disease
  • Feet and nail infections
  • Skin cancer and tumors

When you visit a professional vet clinic in Charleston, SC, you’ll be guaranteed the best service, as dermatologists have extensive training to handle your pet’s health.

So, your pet will be in safe hands with these experts.

Common Dog and Cat Dermatology Issues

Even though it’s common for dogs and cats to experience mild issues with their skin when they swim in water or rub against something that causes a rash.

But, similar to humans, some conditions can be persistent and need further treatment to cure them. You’ll need to visit a dermatologist and get results from a veterinary diagnostic lab for specific symptoms.

This way, you can have a transparent and trustworthy analysis to get the correct treatment for your little pet.

The most common dermatology issues in dogs and cats are related to their skin. For instance, they can have strange lumps on their skin, irritated sores, dry skin, or constant scratching.

Other signs of dermatology issues are frequent rubbing of their ears, loss of fur, or scooting. You can tell the difference between mild skin irritation and severe infections by the state of the skin.

If your pet is itching its skin to the point it breaks and bleeds, it’s most likely a sign of something else. This is when you should schedule an appointment with a pet dermatologist.

The Causes of Pet Dermatology Issues

Often, dermatology problems come from the environment where your pet lives. It’s common for cleaning products and other household solutions to irritate your pet’s skin and cause problems.

The only way you can eliminate these issues is to have a precise diagnosis to remove the products that contain the ingredients causing an allergic reaction.

It’s also possible that your pet is allergic to their food or has an undetected health condition. To rule out other causes, it’s best to have a check-up.

Here is a list of the common triggers that result in dermatology issues:

  • Environmental allergies
  • Bacterial infections
  • Ear mites
  • Hives
  • Skin allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Parasitic bites

When you notice any signs or symptoms of these allergies, it’s time to go to the vet.

How To Pick The Right Dermatologist

Before you make an appointment with a vet, finding the right pet dermatologist you can trust is important. The first step is always to verify the credentials and registration of the vet.

Pet dermatology is a complex field, so you want to go to an experienced professional who knows about allergies.

Not all veterinary clinics specialize in pet dermatology, so you need to find one that offers this service. Another great way of finding a pet dermatologist is to base your choice on recommendations and referrals.

Having a close friend recommend a vet is always good, but you can always check websites if you don’t have a personal recommendation. A trustworthy pet dermatologist will have an allocated review page.

This allows you to read through previous patients and determine what the experience was like to make an informed decision. Plus, you want to pick a nearby vet to save you from making long commutes.

If you live in Charleston, our veterinarian clinic will assist you and your pet with our specialized pet dermatology services.

Finally, the price must match the quality of service. So, you want to find an experienced, reliable, affordable pet dermatologist. That way, you can give your pet the treatment they deserve.

Prevention Tips for Your Pet

Once you’ve been diagnosed by your pet dermatologist, you can start making changes to ensure your pet isn’t exposed to toxic allergens in your home.

You can start by removing cleaning products that have ingredients causing irritation. But, it’s also good to move their bed to a quiet location if loud noises and many people stress them.

Ultimately, your vet will give your personal recommendations for your pet so it can recover and heal from the problems. Don’t be afraid to ask for further tips to help prevent another skin outbreak or infection.

The key is limiting the risk through their environment and daily diet, which is all possible once you have a diagnosis. That way, your pet can thrive and be happy for years!

The Best Pet Dermatology Services in the Area

Our team is dedicated to finding the solution to any health problem, large or small. We off pet dermatology services to help you identify and treat recurring issues such as skin sores, ear infections, or hair loss.

Of course, not all skin, nail, mouth, ears, and hair problems are related to severe diseases, but it’s good to find out if there’s something behind these symptoms.

Thankfully, a quick vet visit is all that’s needed to examine your pet for dermatology issues.

You can book an appointment here and visit our clinic if your pet is experiencing health issues and you want a professional opinion.

For more information about Hampton Park Veterinarian please click here, We’re looking forward to meeting you and your pet!